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Our large assortment of high-end instruments and amplifiers make it easy to find the sound you’re looking for. We’ve recorded everything from voice-overs for television to children’s records, big band, jazz, blues, country, rock, gospel and pop. You name it, we have it, and we’re set to capture the best of you today!


Today’s technology makes it possible to shape amazing results fromevery recording. Transparent pitch correction and feel-enhancing adjustments to musical timing combine to create a full representation of your sound. We even compile and edit from multiple takes!  With thousands of hours spent taking our clients vision to the next level, we know how to work sonic magic.



Got pops, clicks, distortion, or other undesirable elements in your audio? Field recording can yield some pretty challenging issues. Clearing out unwanted sounds so you hear only the material you want is no problem at Acacia. We are equipped with digital resources from manufactures like Cedar, iZotope, Waves, and Sound Toys. So if you’re looking to clean up a family memory, audio that isn’t easy to understand, dialog for post-production, or other challenging audio, we’ve got what you need. 



Acacia has a reputation of client-focused results that stand the test of time and turn heads. We are equipped with a hybrid of yesterday’s analog and today’s digital tools to help customers realize their personal vision. Owner/engineer Luke Rohwer has close to two decades of experience working with clients from around the world, and he is passionately focused on creating results that top charts and win awards.  



Making sure your product translates from studio to speaker is critical in today’s evolving format of deliverable mediums. From radio and television, to iTunes or YouTube, just being loud doesn’t work. The mastering process at Acacia ensures your product will sound its best however it’s conveyed.


post production

Voice-over recording, dialog editing, sound effects, foley, music… and yes, the mix.  Equipped to master in both stereo and 5.1 surround, Acacia has the facility, tools and experience to provide the best audio production for your visual masterpiece. We understand what it takes to deliver what the industry demands, both on time and on budget.


live + broadcast mixing

Concerts, live television broadcast mixing with or without translation, you name it, we are able to to deliver the result you are looking for. If your event or program needs a mixer, consider us. 



If you’ve got questions we have qualified, professional answers, just ask. 301.829.8088.


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